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48 thoughts on “2020-2021 Budget comments to Board to Finance

  1. Pat Larkin

    How much money has the BOE saved in transportation expenses due to the cancellation of sporting events due to the pandemic? This would include bus drivers’ costs, fuel costs etc. What other expenses have been reduced due to the pandemic cancelling school?

  2. Lisa Picarazzi

    Is the BOE aware of how little the budget increases are in surrounding towns? Old Lyme 1%, Stonington – 0%, Waterford, 2.1%. How does it justify its current projected increase, particularly in view of the devastating impact on the local economy due to the pandemic?

  3. John Drabik

    Things havent been this bad since the great depression. If you cant hold the line on spending with this pandemics economic strangling as a reason your not doing your job as fiduciaries.
    On the town side . No increases, raises, capitol equipment purchases, leases etc. No new hires . And no one is immune to layoffs.
    On the BOE side. Demand ZERO increase in the proposed budget. Thats their responsibility to figure out what and where. Not yours as BOF members.

    Why? We just dont have the money. Our personal income and retirement investments have taken a big hit that will not recover anytime soon. Most likely it will be years. The town has maintained a hi level of bonding debt for the past 15 years yet our gross personal income has stayed lever or dropped. If the town has to dip into the emergency reserve then so be it. Thats what its there for. But only after you mandate a zero increase. Otherwise its business as usual on the taxpayers back.

  4. Brendan Cunningham

    The first step the town should take is repurposing the $2+ million in spending on the empty Honeywell building so we can continue to offer services to town children and residents.

    Our children are facing a major loss of learning as a consequence of this pandemic. No other generation has seen likewise. We must do what we can to support their education as much as possible.

  5. James S Fraser

    This is a repost of John Drabik’s comment but I totally agree with it.
    Things haven’t been this bad since the great depression. If you cant hold the line on spending with this pandemics economic strangling as a reason you’re not doing your job as fiduciaries.
    On the town side. No increases, raises, capital equipment purchases, leases etc. No new hires. And no one is immune to layoffs.
    On the BOE side. Demand ZERO increase in the proposed budget. That’s their responsibility to figure out what and where. Not yours as BOF members.
    Why? We just don’t have the money. Our personal income and retirement investments have taken a big hit that will not recover anytime soon. Most likely it will be years. The town has maintained a hi-level of bonding debt for the past 15 years yet our gross personal income has stayed lever or dropped. If the town has to dip into the emergency reserve then so be it. That’s what its there for. But only after you mandate a zero increase. Otherwise its business as usual on the taxpayers back.

  6. Dawn Griswold

    This budget should not be passed without a vote. We should be able to vote online or mail in. My comments and vote should not be made public on this platform.
    Using the pandemic to pass a budget without a vote, when we have the technology is sneaky.

  7. Michael Goss

    When times were good and not so good we all paid our taxes for previous generations of school children to have a great education In East Lyme

    Now the unthinkable has happened, a major health emergency a global pandemic. Every town, state, and nation was unprepared, despite the many years of warnings from health and scientific professionals

    Everyone is feeling the pinch our lives are interrupted, the future is uncertain, but we need a plan to move forward. One day schools will have to reopen, and no one knows what the new normal will be. Professionals are speculating that social distancing and precautions may last months into years.

    Now more than ever we as a community should be thinking and preparing for this new normal. This is not the time to cut school budgets! This is the time to redirect funds, and invest in our youngest citizens. We need to be prepared this time, invest in more janitorial staff for extra cleaning, invest in extra teachers to keep class size smaller

    These kids will inherit the choices that are made today. Make the investment in our schools now, maybe by the time school can re-open all of this will have passed and we revisit the budgets. Please plan for the worst to keep our kids safe

  8. Nancy Marino

    This is a bad time for everyone during this pandemic. Jobs have been lost, finances have taken a huge hit, and people are having a hard time making ends meet to survive. To pass a budget at this time, especially without the right for us to vote, is despicable. There should be NO increase in taxes or increasing the mill rate for anyone. ZERO INCREASE!!

  9. Robin LeVine

    I’ve worked as a paraprofessional for the school system for many years… Changing jobs three times from a one on one, to a job coach to currently being a teachers assistant at the high school for the in school suspension classroom.

    I am also a parent in this town and I am writing this note to support the upcoming school budget! I know this year‘s budget is geared partially towards technology and special education and these two areas need a huge amount of support… With the renovations the last couple of years a lot of things have gotten put on hold but the special education department in particular needs all the support that the school system can offer…It will take many students in the special education department quite a bit of support to make up for lost time in the classroom regardless of how hard the teachers are working online, which they certainly are!

    Considering all the unknowns with the virus keeping the budget as close as possible to what is proposed will make an enormous difference for the children and young adults in our town.

    Please do your very best to keep next years budget requests intact as presented by the superintendent…Thank you for listening, be well and stay safe!

  10. Elizabeth Tkaczuk

    An increase of this magnitude is unreasonable and not aligned with surrounding towns. The executive order gave the board of selectmen the right to pass a budget without taxpayer voting, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. There’s nothing stopping our selectman from facilitating mail in or online voting. As a taxpayer I have the right to a vote, and that my vote and comment are not publicly posted.

  11. Evangelos Tziampazis

    Is there an actual detailed budget the BOE provides to the BOF? Listing all itemized costs for all departments, all FTEs, all services? I have looked but all these years never found a proper line item budget, or any detailed BOE budget. Compare the level of detail the BOS provides in the documents above and the minimal information provided in the BOE documents. How come? It is about $50 million a year, two thirds of the town budget and there is minimal public information of how the money is actually being spent. I am a strong proponent of education and happy to support it financially but actual education requires much more than just spending money. Not every program and service provides meaningful educational value. I would like to see a lot more details of how/where the BOE money is being spent so that the town and its citizens can make informed decisions of how to best spend our limited resources.

  12. Mike Schulz

    By example, Mr. Nickerson by declining his compensation increase 2020/2021($6065) has shown his understanding of the burden being placed on tax payers this year. Other management positions should do the same, especially the School Administrators, including the Superintendent and Asst. Superintendent, where compensation increases have been as high as $8000.00. I feel anyone be compensated over $200,000 can well afford a freeze. The base salary for other Administrators for 2020/2021 is a low of $122,740 and high of $163,691. I feel they also could tolerate a freeze. One other point. According to the BOE Teachers Schedule for 2020/2021, we are compensating approximately 105 Teachers with MA+30 or 6th Year Certificate, at a level that in my opinion is above that reasonably necessary for their position, costing the tax payer an additional $600,000. We would be much better off providing them with a $1000.00 annual stipend in recognition of furthering their education, in preparation for becoming an Administrator. Costs have become unsustainable and we need to sharpen the pencil, eliminate wants and support needs.

  13. Kelly Mayer

    Have all the extra expenses entailed when the kids drop and damage the laptop or charger been included in the budget?
    Do we also include the case for carrying the laptops and ipads?
    Does the student need insurance for damages as well?
    Have you considered only giving laptops and ipads to the kids who can’t afford to have their own?
    What would you do with all the laptops and computers in the schools? Would you be getting rid of all those?
    Which type of laptops would you use Apple or IBM?

  14. Megan Aubrey

    As someone who typically advocates for no increases to the budget, and as a parent of a current student who is bored and not at all satisfied with the current “independent study” situation at school, I would like to know if the increased expenditure for technology will rectify this situation in the fall should school remain closed. If this technology is approved will the students have a more typical school day with real time classes? Or, will they continue with independent study next fall?

  15. Esteban Garcia

    This is not the time to be looking to reduce education spending. Many if not most students will need extra attention to make up for learning loss due to remote learning. This is particularly important at the elementary level as some classes are at or over 20 students. There will also be additional costs due to the increase need to keep schools sanitized.

  16. Laurel McArthur

    I’m thankful that our BOE and BOF is supportive of bringing our schools up to date as far as the 1 to 1 devices as most schools in surrounding towns offer this to their students. Given the current environment, it is especially important to aid in the education of our students and prepare then for the future whether that be the near future with the virus and possibility of continued closures or the extended future when technology will larger be a part of their future careers. Our school system is a great one, I have worked in the middle school for 13 years, and I moved my family to this town for my own children to be able to attend these schools with these phenomenal educators. Many families choose East Lyme because of the school system, and now is an especially important time to support the needs of our schools to bring them up to date technologically and support the learning and educational opportunities this great town has to offer.

  17. Amy Bogert

    This budgetary amount is necessary to support the learning of the children in our school district. We do not want to look back on this period as a time when we failed to give our children the education they will need for the future. In a sense, we are making an investment in our town by supporting these futures,. Not only can these individuals grow to become contributing members of our community but maintaining the high quality of our schools supports our property values, as East Lyme has been a desirable place in which to live for many families largely because of the educational opportunity, I am proud and thankful to live in a town where residents support education. Amy Bogert

  18. Narciss Greene

    I support the 5/13/20 BOF vote in favor of approving the revised BOE budget (reduction of $826,903) while also supporting technology needs for next year (laptops for gr. 2-12 and IPads for K, 1). If the buildings have to be shut down again, it is imperative every student has access to their own device.

  19. Patrick Larkin

    This is not the year for any budget increases. There are many taxpayers who currently out of work and struggling to make ends meet. To increase our tax burden now would put many families in risk.
    The board of finance needs to work with town leaders to identify the must haves, not the wants in this years budgets.
    Have any other department heads stepped forward as Mr Nickerson did to forgo this years wage increases.
    We also need to determine a method to hold a referendum for this budget.

  20. Carla Cirone

    I would like to add my support to the comments from Meghan Aubrey, Elizabeth Tkaczuk, Nancy Marino, John Drabik, James S Fraser and Lisa Picarazzi. For the BOE and BOF to propose increases to the budgets during this current crisis shows that you have little to no consideration for the taxpayers and citizens of East Lyme, especially those who have lost jobs or their businesses. The budgets should be flat this year, anything else is unacceptable. And yes, I value education but the BOE should be transparent and make cuts like everyone else, not increase spending.

  21. John Banks

    Absolutely zero additional funds should be approved for the public safety building. It would be an abuse of power to not allow this to go referendum or mail-in vote. We have been lied to through this entire process and many of us saw it from day one. Elected officials work for the constituents… not vice-versa. The constituents need to have a say whether or more of our money is wasted.

  22. Mike Schulz

    1. Bifurcate the budget.
    2. BOE builds it’s budget and bills tax payers directly, 1 share/family, 2 shares if you have children enrolled. No referendum.
    3. When children are no longer enrolled, the 2nd share goes away. 1st share continues.
    4. At age 70, the first share goes away for all tax payers.
    5. Town builds it’s budget, reviewed and approved by the BOS and BOF. No referendum.
    6. Town bills all tax payers directly until death do us part, as currently done.

  23. Monica Sistare

    Due to the current situation and the struggle with providing our children with the means to follow the curriculum, while not actually being in school. Our students and teachers are going to need our support more than ever in the upcoming year.

  24. Bonnie Dombrowski

    For those advocating for MORE cuts to the BOE budget or a 0% increase, let’s recap what has ALREADY been cut by the BOE in response to the economic hardships facing our town:

    1. No added K teacher at Flanders and LBH to bring down the class sizes from 21 five grade olds (6 students more than guidelines).
    2. No added 1st teacher at Flanders and LBH to bring down the class sizes from 21 (esp critical for the current K kids who currently have 21…now it will be two yrs in a row)
    3. No added 2nd gr teacher at Niantic Center to meet incoming demand from current 1st gr
    4. No additional elem math coaches, to address the fact that ALL Grade 4 students are not showing growth as assessed by state standardized assessment (per BOE presentation)
    5. No high school social worker to address the overwhelming need prior to COVID, which will only be amplified by isolation of students.
    6. No added Board Certified Behavior Analyst to spread the current case load of 46 of most intensive need students (recommended caseload is 10) to prevent more costly outplacements.
    7. No added Global Language teacher at elem which many other surrounding districts have in place.
    8. No additional Special Ed teacher at Flanders despite imbalanced caseload numbers pre-COVID, the need for which will be amplified due to closures.

    ALL of the above were CUT in the current proposed BOE budget. The remaining increase is now Required simply for digital devices that many families who are now unemployed could not otherwise afford to provide. Not supporting the BOE budget is kicking those families and their children when they are already down.

    Our teachers and administrators are on the front lines of the education crisis this pandemic has caused, and their response has thus far been nothing short of heroic. They deserve our support.

    Whether you have school age children or not, PLEASE support the greatly reduced BOE budget.

  25. Robert Shaw

    The savings the BOE has calculated is helpful, but looking forward to the start of school in the fall presents other economic issues. The BOE has made it clear that uncertainty is the driving force for considering a “Blended System” with brick and mortar and online elements of education. While it is understandable that educators should be supported during what is a long-lasting new normal, parents need the support as well due to the significant fact that they (the parents) have become the PRIMARY EDUCATORS! This means time away from work (diminishing income), understanding newer teaching concepts, and support for their children’s emotional and social needs! I think the BOE may be underestimating the monumental task ahead of them. They are responsible for our children’s education, and much more than technology in the form of 1:1 devices will be needed. Who will manage these devices? Who will repair them when children break them? Will internet access be provided on these devices? Will students have scheduled class time (either online or in-class) with teachers that they are currently not receiving? Will residents be given tax relief for the inferior educational product they are receiving? Yes we are paying more for less!


    The 2020/2021 Town Budget again indicates a tax increase coming. Many of the towns in NL Country are proposing a “no mill” increase for the next year. Sp should East Lyme. East Lyme has not had a “no tax increase” budget since, I believe , the nineties, yet , school enrollment has decrease and several large taxable properties, without encumbent public service costs, have developed in Town. The appearance is one of – let’s take the increased reve nues, add a nominal mill increase say 2-3 %, and the taxpayers won’t say NO!. I am saying NO. Freeze hiring, cut capital by at least half and zero the increase to BOE.
    Part 2 – The recent proposal of the police vision cmte should be DOA. The Town already limited the construction budget.

  27. Stefanie Thomas

    During this difficult time, our children are trying to learn from home with all different types of technology. Who knows what next school year will bring. They may start the year in school or they may not. There may be periods of time where they have to go back to distance learning or have smaller class sizes. Our children deserve the best possible chance at continuing their education with the least amount of disruption as possible. If they all have the same technology, it seems that distance learning would be easier, and if class sizes need to be adjusted, they will need the appropriate amount of staff.

  28. Heidi Bruno

    In these current uncertain times, supporting the children of our community’s education should undoubtedly be a priority. East Lyme Public Schools has proven since the start of this pandemic that they are looking out for the best interest of their students’ social, emotional & academic well being. Moving forward with the budget proposed by Superintendent Newton will allow the district to continue to support their students in all of these ways during the 2020-2021 school year. As a parent of children enrolled in East Lyme schools and having been born and raised in this town, I know that families relocate here for the sole reason of allowing their children to attend our schools. These families know that taxes will be higher than surrounding towns but that these taxes largely support the education budget and that is important to them. We have a responsibility to uphold that reputation by doing the right thing for our town’s students at this crossroads that will make all the difference in their lives moving forward both academically and as a whole.

  29. Danielle

    I fully support the proposed education budget. The cuts already made are unfortunate, but understandable. Students need 1:1 technology to ensure they are not at a disadvantage should distance learning need to continue, and even if it does not. There is no better time for East Lyme schools to get in line with what many school districts are already doing.

  30. Danielle Mullarney

    During this very difficult time, so much has been asked from essential workers and those on the front line. It is amazing how they have stepped up and fulfilled their role. Roles with expectations they could never have anticipated. They have become heroes in our world and it has not been by choice, but by obligation to help their community and provide hope.
    We have all done our best to come together to make it through this pandemic. We must continue to work together and help those that cannot help themselves. The students in this community are vulnerable and need the social, emotional and academic support of their schools. To make additional cuts and deny them the tools to continue learning at school or at home is not fair. We must offer them the support they need and recognize they are the future heroes, scientists, doctors, and essential workers.

  31. Barry Sheckley

    As a BOE member I voted in favor of the budget only after engaging in a extensive discussions with educators at the local and State levels, after reviewing research studies on how to implement on-line instruction effectively, and after ensuring that the purchase of computers would be accompanied by a careful, district-wide plan to use the computers to enhance and accelerate every students’ learning. In the process of considering this information, I read a report from the World Economic Forum. The report indicated that, because of advances in technology, the skills today’s students graduate with will be obsolete within 3-5 years. To future-proof our students’ employability in this new world, according to the report, our schools have a responsibility to prepare them with the ability to learn continuously and think adaptively. This preparation occurs best in the blended on-line/physical classroom forums this budget will support where students are encouraged to think systemically, have a universe of information at their fingertips, are encouraged to pose new problems, and explore ideas toward the end of making the impossible become possible.

  32. Lucira Jane Nebelung

    I agree the budget needs to be flat. And I agree that each student needs to have an iPad or laptop.

    Does this budget include the $700K for a new fire truck? I couldn’t find it in the documentation.

    What is the impact of the PSB on the budget? The only thing I saw was roughly $100K for short-term bonding. How does the requested increase of $2.17M in the cost fit in?

    Do we really need a new sweeper for $275K?

  33. Lucira Jane Nebelung

    And this needs to be said: Many of us greatly appreciate everything that Camille Alberti has done to ensure and keep us informed and involved during the budget process.

  34. Eric Moriarty



    Surely there must be some money not spent this year after the shut down.

    Side note: sell the Honeywell building, buy the Bob’s/Tri-county distributers site. Cut our losses.

  35. Kate

    I support the proposed increase. Even though our teachers have done a phenomenal job providing a quality educational opportunities during this challenging time, each student’s success also hinges on their access to technology.

  36. Camille Alberti

    Thank you all for your valuable input. Our Board of Finance Members have been monitoring these comments throughout the process. Many of your questions may have been addressed during the Budget Presentations and/or Deliberations. For a presentation on the BOF Approved Budget for 2020-2021, please attend the Public Hearing tonight (5/18/20) via Zoom Webinar. You may speak at this meeting during Agenda Item “V. Public Discussion – Comments from the Public” by accessing the link below. Please “raise your hand” and I will call on you to speak, but respectfully request you limit your comments to 2-3 minutes in an effort to give everyone on the call a chance to speak.

    All the best,
    Camille Alberti
    Board of Finance Chair


  37. Mike Schulz

    Other than the Honeywell Building, where additional unapproved costs to the tax payers is being proposed, I have no problem with “where” the Town and BOE desire to make their investment. As Mr. Newton stated, this year they want to invest in “education”. I understand that the BOF has no jurisdiction over where tax dollars are spent, only the amount that the town can afford, but I feel it must be stated that given the loss of income for many and the amount of increase being requested, it would be reasonable and appreciated if others, besides our First Selectmen forgo their 2020/2021 wage increase. Thank you Mr. Nickerson.

  38. Angela

    I am absolutely in favor of the BOE increases, the last few years have included no increases for any improvements for technology at all. The current budget finally makes investments for students and teachers to be able to prepare all students for the world we live in, like it or not, technology and cloud life is not going away, we have a responsibility to make sure that students and teacher alike can perform and be prepared for our digital world.

  39. Christine

    BOE has already cut almost a million from an already strained proposed budget. East Lyme is known for it’s excellent education, which is what draws new residents to our town and helps lift our tax base (Ask yourself: Who is buying those houses in the new developments? Who is spending their money in town at our local businesses?) Yet we are several years behind what neighboring schools provide students in terms of technology, and that deficit in technology (that we could never afford in the budget) is now glaring in the light of this crisis. Now more than ever is the time to take East Lyme education up from bare bones operation to at least adequate so that students will continue to be competitive in the future economy, and families will continue to stay or relocate here.

  40. Robin

    As a taxpayer and educator in East Lyme, I urge you to approve the Board of Education budget as submitted. The Board has already made huge cuts to this budget, and any further decreases would have an extremely detrimental effect on the children of East Lyme. At this trying time, we need to come together with a strong commitment to delivering the quality education for which East Lyme has been known. There have been so many severe cuts to the education budget over the past several years, and I have witnessed the resulting negative impact to our students and staff. As we face an uncertain future due to the Covid pandemic, at the very least we need to fully support the technology needs.
    If we can’t keep up with surrounding communities and the technology support that they offer their students, I fear that East Lyme will soon become a far less desirable community in which to raise children.

  41. Kathleen Tracey

    In these trying times everyone is hurting and we all need to come together and support one another. No where is this more true than in the support we need to provide for our youngest citizens. The children of East Lyme have weathered this time of isolation and distance learning with the support of not only their families but that of the administrators, teachers, counselors, paraeducators, lunch personnel and other staff of the East Lyme School District. Now is not the time to cut a budget that has already been significantly reduced. Yes, the original increase was large. But the district recognized that at this time an increase of that magnitude was inappropriate and cut all of the initiatives we hoped to implement and which, frankly, had been put on hold over the last few years in order to keep budget increases to a minimum. So, of their own volition, administration and the BOE made cuts in keeping with the current crisis. We need to support students with the technology they will need if distance learning becomes the norm. We need to support teachers and staff with the tools they need to provide effective learning platforms regardless of whether classes are in person or online. We need to provide for our most at risk students by ensuring that Special Education services remain ongoing and initiatives to continue those services are in place. As a paraeducator with 18 years of experience in East Lyme I know first hand of the dedication and tirelessness all staff devote to the students of this town. This is even more true now. The district turned practically on a dime to do the best they could to give the children we support not only the education they need, but the nurturing and support they deserve in a completely different way. I am asking that the current BOE budget be passed by the BOF without any further cuts which could severely impact not only our ability to do our jobs but the education and well being of the students we support.

  42. Jennifer Berchielli

    Thank you to the BOE and BOF for your tireless work on our town and school budgets. Please support the budget and BOE’s proposal to provide 1:1 devices to all students K-12. We are living in uncertain times and distance learning is not a maybe it is a reality. We do not want our students to fall behind and struggle for years to come. Many families choose East Lyme because of the school system, and now is an especially important time to support the needs of our schools, bring the infrastructure up to date and support the educational opportunities this great town has to offer. Let us provide equitable access, reliable equipment and resources needed to move forward in the digital world.

  43. John Drabik

    Ive seen many families expounding We moved here for the education system. Only to leave as soon as the last kid graduates. Year after year. Generation after generation.
    And the those long term residents who stayed in town and supported it for generations with their tax dollars are left paying everyones elses education support tax bill. Not even a Thank You.

    Why is the Bd of Finance discussing laptops. Not a function of the BOF. So BOF your job is to address the ENTIRE bottom line of the budget. Not Education and town government separately. Your job is to deal with dollars and cents not emotional special interest groups.
    Let the parents provide them, Heck they pay much more annually just for cell phones and online entertainment. After reviewing many of theses comments no one said they moved here for the budget items like police and fire depts. Snow removal and trash collection. All they want is a free education. Enough already. Hold the line.

    The taxpayers are suffering the greatest financial challenge of this century. Who is advocating for the seniors on fixed incomes, the folks who are suddenly jobless. Thats the job of the BOF. Give us zero increase. We are not a “special interest group looking for a freebie. Quit doing it all the the taxpayers back.

    On closing I`ll note that a bill collection outfit ( been in business over 50 years) in town recently laid off 90% of their employees. Why? “I cant pay employees to collect money people dont have.” ” Ive never had to do this before”.
    said the owner
    BOF, theres your first clue..

  44. Mike Schulz

    Using technology such as “Zoom” doesn’t work for everyone. Although I tried, I was unable to access the meeting. I’m sure it was something I did wrong. I suspect the majority of the tax payers couldn’t access it either. Not the best way to do business.
    Some people stated that distance learning is a “reality”. Fine, I’m all for it. Once it becomes a part of curriculum, the tools have to be provided. What also is a “reality” is that the current taxation system is making supporting the budget UNSUSTAINABLE. The investment in technology must provide efficiencies through cost reductions in other areas, such as employment and buildings/maintenance. “Pay for play” would save about $1M. A freeze on salaries around $800,000. And just so you know, the cost per student is much greater than stated by the BOE, actually >$20K per, as their figure does not include transportation or state funding. (also paid by the tax payer). For that reason, your not doing us a favor by relocating to East Lyme and contributing only ~30% of the cost you incur for one student and zero for the additional. For that reason, I support the technology enhancements.

  45. Marcia Welsh

    This budget should not be passed without a vote. There are other methods to hold a vote, other towns in CT have held “drive up” votes. I agree with many other citizens, my and their comments and vote should not be made public on this platform.
    Using the pandemic to pass a budget without a vote, is underhanded and needs to be stopped.

  46. Mike Schulz

    Modify the NEW DEAL, May 15, 2020, Line 4. to add : At age 70, the first share goes away for all tax payers with 30 years consecutive tax payments to the Town of East Lyme.

  47. Mike Schulz

    So the Mill Rate is set and spending can begin or continue. As Camille said, (my interpretation),” we have to continue to be cognizant of our expenditures and work toward efficiencies”. The investment in technology, providing learning devices to all students and teachers gaining experience with the “distance learning” should enable many of the current programs, such as AP to be completed On-line. Why would it also not allow for a reduction in Staff? There is a much better way to support our town and school system that would be fair to all tax payers.

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