Snow Plow Damage – A Message from the Public Works Department


Since the last snowstorm and subsequent warm spell, there appears to be many areas where the plows and/or or sidewalk clearing machines may have dug up lawns. We have received calls from residents asking if our plow drivers and sidewalk clearing workers can be more careful.  Residents need to know that the main reason this happened is that typically this time of year the ground is frozen so when the plow rides along the edge of the road it doesn’t dig in to the lawns or curbs.  Because the temperatures this winter have been relatively mild, that has not been the case.  Our drivers take a lot of pride in the job they do and we try not to cause any damage.  For those properties that may have had their lawn disturbed or curb damaged, please call the Department at 860-691-4118 and we will add you to a clean-up list for the spring.  If you have any suggestions as to how we can provide better service to our residents and businesses, feel free to email me at  We hope everyone has a healthy and safe winter.


Joe Bragaw

Director of Public Works