Be A Volunteer

Whether you are new in town or a lifelong resident, volunteering is good for both you and your town. According to Psychology Today magazine, volunteers are happier and healthier than non-volunteers. In fact, during later life, volunteering is even more beneficial for one’s health than exercising and eating well. Volunteering establishes strong relationships. Volunteering has long been viewed as a way to create connections that lead to career opportunities. By volunteering, you participate in helping our society meet needs beyond what government, non-profits or businesses are able to do. Although it is not well-understood why volunteering provides such a profound health benefit, a key factor is assumed to be that volunteering serves to express and facilitate opportunities to carry out one’s sense of purpose.

To facilitate volunteering within the Town of East Lyme, the East Lyme Volunteer Corps is building a database of potential volunteers. To participate, please sign up in the Volunteer Corps Database. As volunteer opportunities that match your interests and/or skills become available, you will be contacted.