Road Paving Information – Downtown Niantic

Update on Road Work in Niantic

We are winding down the final grading on the streets scheduled for repaving in downtown Niantic. We are hoping to be done with grading on Wednesday 9/27 and we plan on starting paving next Monday October 2nd.  Today (9/26) and tomorrow (9/27), we will be applying liquid calcium chloride to all of the gravel roads to keep the dust down.  Once we start paving, the 2” binder course should take approximately 4-5 days to complete.  At that point, the contractor will be leaving for 2 weeks so that we can put in storm water tree filters and adjust structures in the middle of the road as needed.  Then the pavers are scheduled to come back starting around October 23rd, weather dependent, to install the top 1 ½” of asphalt. The top course should take 4-5 days as well to install.  While paving, we will do our best to minimize disturbance to the residents but please expect some minor delays.

Once we finish installing the top course of pavement we will need to wait a week or so for the asphalt to completely cure before we come back to install asphalt curbing where needed and to fix driveways and aprons  as necessary.  At that time, we will also be going around the neighborhood spreading loam and applying grass seed to finish off the project.  If residents have any questions or would like to talk to the Department about a specific issue in front of their house, feel free to call the Public Works Department at 860-691-4118.

Joe Bragaw, Director of Public Works