This is a series of blogs I post concerning issues in our town. I welcome comment and feedback directly from all citizens of East Lyme. Positive, negative, complimentary or not so much. Please email:

A Holiday Message to East Lyme 2016

A Holiday Message to East Lyme 2016 As the calendar year winds down, I’d like to take this moment to reflect on how a great a year 2016 was. It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over. I… Read more >

Holiday Weekend In Niantic

“Holiday Weekend in Niantic” Everywhere I go, people stop and tell me how much they love our town however, the holiday weekend’s traffic woes will test that theory. Patience and acceptance are the words of the day. I write this… Read more >

A Serious Issue

There is a serious issue that is plaguing East Lyme and threatens our quality of life. While some of this negative force comes from visitors to our town or people passing through, most of this problem comes from within. This… Read more >

Niantic Growing Pains

What a gem Niantic has become. It was not too long ago that our Main Street Village district was a tired, half empty, sleepy place. Read more