The Town Clerk’s Office administers the sale and accounting of game licenses for the State

Licenses are sold daily in the Town Clerk’s Office. There are many types of licenses. Hunting licenses are strictly monitored. If an applicant presents a hunting license which has been procured in any of the past five years, he is issued another one. However, if more than five years have passed since he held a hunting license, he must then take a course prescribed by the DEEP.

There are no special requirements for fishing licenses. Anyone of the age of 16 or more must have a license to fish freshwater or saltwater. We also carry all forms of licenses for Non-Residents (residents of other States).

Fees for licenses are set by State Statute. Of the fee collected, only $1.00 goes to the Town, the rest to the DEEP.

The Town Clerk’s Office also dispenses deer hunting permits and archery permits, pheasant tags and duck stamps.