Storm Damage Update

Update – Eversource planned outage 11/3/2017 10:00AM

We have received word from Eversource that they will be replacing a faulty transformer in front of Telaid on West Main Street at some point today. This will result in a loss of power for residents in this area. We have been assured that the power will only be affected for a short period of time.

Update on Power Restoration 11/2/2017 8:45AM

Eversource crews are still working hard to restore power this morning. The latest outage map shows 67 residents without power in East Lyme. We are very hopeful that those of you still waiting, will have power restored today.

According to Eversource, “most customers in eastern Connecticut and along the coast, where damage was most severe, will be restored by today, Thursday, November 2, 2017, at noon. In areas where there are single, scattered outages, we expect full restoration may take longer. These outages may be the result of a damaged service line, which is the wire that runs from a customer’s property to the street. This may be the case if surrounding neighbors have power, but a single property does not.”

Again, East Lyme Public Safety would like to thank you for your patience and understanding through this this long difficult restoration process.

Update on Power Restoration 11/1/2017 2:10PM

Good afternoon, Our Emergency Management Director has met with Eversource. Their crews are out working and are aware of all areas that are still without power.

Eversource crews are currently working in the Damon Heights, Stone Cliff Drive area replacing multiple poles and a transformer. As soon as that work is complete, power will be restored to the Damon Heights, Laurel Hill and Sleepy Hollow neighborhoods.

Eversource will then move forward to restore power to the following areas as soon as possible. We do not have a particular order or time. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

1. Francis Lane
2. River Road
3. Memorial Park Drive
4. Central Avenue
5. Holmes Road
6. Roxbury Court
7. Darrow’s Ridge Road

Update on Power Restoration 10/31/2017 3:15PM

First Selectman Mark Nickerson provides an update on recovery progress after the recent storm.

The following is a list of the Full and Partial Road Closures

1. Upper Pattagansett Rd. at house #137 – Low service wire.
2. Upper Pattagansett Rd., just north of house #137 @ Pole #241 – Top bar on pole broken.
3. Francis Lane -Tree on Wire. Confirmed still issue at 11am on 10/31.
4. Herster Drive – Tree on Wire on still issue at 11am on 10/31.
5. River Rd. -Tree on wires
6. 7 Stonecliff – Top of pole and support bar snapped off.
7. Tree on wire at end of Memorial Park Dr. at entrance of Vets Park
8. 33 Central Ave. – Service wires on the ground.
9. 81 Oakwood Drive.
10. Upper Kensington Drive.
11. Holmes Road.
12. Roxbury Court – Tree on wires.
13. 2 Stone Cliff Drive – Transformer blown on pole.

1. Communication Lines on ground at Black Oak Dr
2. Cable line on ground in front of 43 Heritage Rd
3. Great White Way at the Tennis Court

Fully blocked Roads
1. Francis Lane in Old Black Point

Partially blocked Roads
1. Grassy Hill rd @#202 – low service wires
2. River Rd – cars can get by but wires were on the ground at both the entrance to River and Calkins
3. Herster Dr – tree branch leaning on wires
4. Central Ave in Crescent Beach (@#28) – wires still on ground
5. North Ledge Rock Rd in Laurel Hill Rd – in cul de sac – I didn’t see wires associated with this
6. Romagna rd- there is a large branch along the edge of the road but no wires involved at this point
7. Rt 156 (near Telaid) – there is still a lot of large logs along the edge of the road but the State said they were going to pick it up. Not sure when this one will get fixed

Sand and Seaweed on Road – Highway is cleaning these roads up today
1. Shore Rd in Oak Grove (from Manwaring to the Yacht Club)
2. Bayview and Atlantic in Crescent Beach
3. Attawan Ave near Rockwell St

Please remember if you are out Trick or Treating please stay far away from any down Power Lines, Cable Lines and Phone Lines. Please treat all down lines as energized.

We will update this list when new information becomes available. If you are aware of a road not on this list please contact 860-739-3419 and update us.