A Holiday Message to East Lyme 2016

Light Parade Logo 2016 LargeA Holiday Message to East Lyme 2016

As the calendar year winds down, I’d like to take this moment to reflect on how a great a year 2016 was. It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over. I sincerely hope that your year was as full and rich as mine. Whether it was a sports event, a child’s graduation, a family reunion, spending time with great friends, celebrating at one of our town’s festivals and events, or just a quiet, reflective moment on the boardwalk or one of our beaches, I hope you found the time to embrace life’s great blessings.

As the Chief Elected Official, I am constantly approached by citizens who tell me how much they love our town. Whether you are a 4th generation East Lymer or you just got here, there always seems to be magic in the air for everyone. Our citizens remain enthusiastic about our town. We offer so much for so many…and our quality of life remains rich.

I am particularly proud of the features and services we provide to our citizens and visitors to our seaside town. We didn’t just happen to wake up one day and become the greatest little Connecticut town. It took work from so many people—volunteers, appointees and elected officials working together to make a difference. We have great people all over town who dedicate their time and talent on various boards, commissions and organizations. In addition, East Lyme is fortunate to have so many skilled and professional department heads who manage our various departments thru-out town. Our town is great because our people are great—-volunteers, department heads and staff members. We owe our gratitude to all those who came before us and made a difference…decades and decades of great leadership. In turn, it is our duty to step up and continue to make East Lyme great…for the next generation.

Although we all tend to get wrapped up in the frantic chaos of the holidays, I hope you are able to take a moment to find peace and serenity. Count your blessings…if you are anything like me, your blessings are many. Surround yourself with friends, family…and remember fondly those who we have lost.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this town as your First Selectman. Serving my town has been a pleasure and an honor for the past 17 years. I thank the citizens of East Lyme for this opportunity. From my family to yours, have a wonderful, magical, and blessed holiday season. Stay safe. Make good choices. And spread kindness everywhere you go.
Peace and Love,

Mark Nickerson and family

Mark C. Nickerson
First Selectman
Town of East Lyme, CT